Noelle Mena | Designing for The CreativeI am Noelle Mena. Welcome to my experiment. I am a web designer that uses Self Hosted WordPress as my go to platform. As part of a course I am teaching in, I needed to show how you could even start an online course with no money out of your pocket. Using this free wordpress site, a free theme, paypal buttons, and some imagery that anyone could do, bam, a site with private access to a course.

The art work here is all mine. I grabbed from it to fill in the site with more imagery. Please respect my work. #appreciated

If you want help doing this same set up, hit me at my real website, Designing for The Creative.com. There is a Contact page there and we can get together to discuss.

You can also visit me there if you want to take this up about 100 notches and have an unlimited set up using self hosted wordpress with complete course integration. 

Learn more about the course I created this for from “How to Create an Online Course” it is an ongoing course. Go read more about it!

Best to you, please note this site is not updated or checked on. It is here for example only in the course.

Noelle Mena | Create an Online Course